John Till was selected to be a member of the newly formed NCRP Scientific Committee 1-25. The committee is charged with preparing an NCRP Commentary on “Recent Epidemiologic Studies and Implications for the LNT Model”. The work is supported by the US NRC. The committee will look at recent literature related to low dose exposures to determine the continued appropriateness of the LNT model for radiation protection. John will be assisted by RAC team members Helen Grogan and Harold Beck in evaluating the dosimetry used in the epidemiologic studies being evaluated.

Members of NCRP SC 1-25 shown above include (left to right, beginning with top row):

  • John D. Boice, Jr., cochair (NCRP)
  • Lawrence T. Dauer, cochair (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)
  • Scott Davis (Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)
  • Fred A. Mettler, Jr. (University of New Mexico)
  • R. Julian Preston (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, retired)
  • Roy E. Shore, cochair (Radiation Effects Research Foundation, retired)
  • John E. Till (Risk Assessment Corporation)
  • Richard J. Vetter, staff consultant (Mayo Clinic)
  • Richard Wakeford (University of Manchester)

For more information about NCRP SC 1-25, download Dr. Boice’s November 2015 newsletter from the NCRP website (PDF download).