Impacting the Nuclear Power Industry

RAC works with leaders in the nuclear energy industry, including Exelon and PSEG, to customize its online data access and analysis tool, called RACER®, to fit their specific needs for custom reporting and data presentation. The RACER® platform is built to enable compilation and facilitate efficient use of data to support the numerous regulatory requirements that the nuclear energy industry has for data analysis and reporting. The system accommodates the full suite of data needed to show compliance and rapidly identify and address potential issues. The data managed by RACER® include environmental, effluent, field, and meteorological measurements, as well as the exposure and dose factors needed to understand the potential health impacts associated with both atmospheric and liquid releases. Dashboard KPIs assist with visualizing future effluent metrics and their impact on things like insurance rates, and auto alert functions make site personnel aware of increasing trends in both environmental and effluent levels as soon as data are added. The objective of our work with the nuclear energy industry is to position these important zero-carbon utilities to be as efficient and proactive as possible in managing all the requirements related to ensuring and demonstrating the safety of their operations.